Slow Hiking in Midnight Sun

”Sun in the middle of the night. How wonderful it is! Shining from wrong direction… It is midnight and I am still seeing it! That makes everything look different. Colours of trees are so deep green… It is so silent here and so beautiful… Now I understand the magic of Lapland. ”

-Woman 52 yrs.-

We lead you in to the Lappish nature to experience night life in forest and hillside. You don´t need any headlamps or flashlights to find your path in summer night of Lapland. The sun is shining all night long. Even in the end of July when the sun starts to get lower it is still light here. We can share moments of sunset and sun rise in a very short time. 

We will pick you up from your location in Rovaniemi or Kemi-Tornio city area. You are also welcome to arrive with your own car to the departure point in Tervola. After 50 minutes drive from towns we’ll pack our backpacks and hike slowly through forests, along ancient prehistoric shorelines. On the top of a hill before return, we will enjoy local snacks at a camp fire and get to know one another. 


June-August, starts every evening at 21 in year 2021


5 hours   (includes transportation 2 h)


Standard walking condition; the length of the trail is
approximately 3 km and can contain some uphill stretches. Suitable for persons over 7 years of age.


Transportation, mosquito hat, rain poncho, local snacks by the open fire


120€/person. Min. 2, max. 8 person. Groups over 8 person on request.


By e-mail.

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