Nature in mind.
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Lappish Nature Provides Peace of Mind

We provide excursions to interesting and beautiful locations in the Sea Lapland and Rovaniemi areas. We safely walk through nature with all of our senses open, performing relaxation activities which momentarily allow us let go of our everyday obligations. We are very familiar with northern conditions and guarantee the safety of our excursions through meticulous pre-planning and anticipation. We meet our customers individually and look forward to forming genuine human contacts in safe and accepting atmospheres.

The northern nature and the communities found within this area mean the world to us. As such, our activities seek to provide the highest degree of respect and good stewardship for our nature surroundings; ensuring the proper preservation and wellbeing of these gentle fragile ecosystems. Essentially, when they are doing alright, we do alright, too. Our excursions take us to genuine and authentic places throughout the area - to places whose stories, people and northern everyday lives form an essential part of the entire experience.

We will not run or rush anything – nor do we expect you to. Relaxation, openness, and experiencing feelings and settings that are deeper than just the surface depict everything that we do and what we are about.