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Sense of Snow

Snow is the best friend of winter. It arrays the year’s best festivities where you are invited too. Snow covers trees with white dresses, hangs sparkling diamonds to shine on tree and bush branches.  In the feast of snow there is served icicles and snowy cotton candy. In the great hall of snow you can dance and jump, dig the holes and cover yourself to its white tablecloth.  Best thing is play and joy, laughter in the lips of celebrant, in those parties of snow

Open your senses and let us introduce you an exhilarating experience of snow. Feel the coldness and softness, see the beauty of pure white snow. Play with it like Finns do, shape it with your hands. With us you may do snow angels and your own snow lantern. You also learn how snow has shaped Finnish culture, taught people to survive cold arctic winters. We will teach you the ice fishing and how to get through thick ice.  At the campfire you will warm up with hot drinks and a snack in good company.


120 € per person.

Children (4-12 yrs) 90 €

Minimum 2, maximum 8 participants

Transportation, English-speaking guide, snacks.

4-5 hrs (incl. transportation 2x 1 hour)

Good winter clothing

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5.2.- 31.3. 2021 from Rovaniemi at 10 a.m

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