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Relaxing Sauna

Sauna is like mother’s lap, warm and safe. In the sauna the body purifies, soul rests and heart recovers to believe again. In sauna all people are equal. Sauna is pure and sacred. Sauna heals the world, soul at a time.

Do you want to experience the relaxed feeling of the sauna?

In this product you have an opportunity to enjoy the gentle heat of traditional home yard sauna in countryside. We introduce you the Finnish sauna culture, tell you how to use it and let you enjoy it with your friends. There is space for four people in sauna at the same time. The others can enjoy snacks and hot drinks by the open fire in our lounge while waiting for own turn. We keep you company with stories of sauna and daily life in Lapland.

To the relief of shy ones, wearing a swimsuit or a towel is allowed in the sauna

120 €/person  Min. 3 (or 360 €), max. 8 participants

5 hrs (incl. transportation 2x1 hour)    

Transportations, towels  and body soaps, snacks by the open fire

and non alcohol drinks.

All the year round by request in 2021.