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Deeper Meaning of Sauna

Sauna is like mother’s lap, warm and safe. In the sauna the body purifies, soul rests and heart recovers to believe again. In sauna all people are equal. Sauna is pure and sacred. Sauna heals the world, soul at a time.


Do you want to know how we Finnish do the sauna, what sauna really mean to us, and experience the relaxed feeling of after sauna as a guest in Finnish home? We wish you welcome to Willow Field House’s traditional sauna and guest lounge where we introduce you to Finnish bathing culture and the story behind the sauna. You can enjoy the sauna with your own group in privacy. Bring swimming suit with you for the relaxed moment in the warm hot tub under the open sky. After sauna we enjoy light supper and refreshments.

600 €/ group

Maximum 6 participants.

Transportations, towels and body soaps, light supper and non alcohol drinks

6 - 7 hrs (incl. transportation 2x 1 hour)

Suitable for persons over 12 years of age.

Swimming suit or trunks for hot tube

Round the year by request

Directly through us via email, telephone or with form below