Nature in mind.
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Arctic Day Dreaming in Hammock

Take a relaxing nap in middle of the forest. Let your tired brain rest in the lap of nature. Feel the tranquility, calmness and silence around you.

Become a new person. 

We are local nature guides but we are also trained for mental relaxation in nature. We like to show you how the nature inpacts you wellbeing.

We take you out of the busy city life to the countryside. We walk shortly into the woods and then tie up the hammocks. You will be shown how to relax in nature, get a sense of security and tranquility. You will be covered with warm sleeping bags and blankets. You may sleep or just enjoy the silence, the sounds of nature around you and be with your own thoughts.

After 30 minutes "sleep" we get together by the open fire, have some hot drinks and snacks and of course... exchange feelings of experience.

120 €/person  (minimum 2 person)

Transportation, hammock, warm blankets, hot drinks and snacks

Daily February-October in 2021

Weather limitation -15 or under.

3-4 hours (including transportation)

on request by e-mail