Nature in mind.
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Our Story

We are teacher colleagues and friends to whom nature and exercise in outdoors has been a long time passion and way of life. Modern stressful working life and hurried life style has made us to think about our own health and managing as well as the sustainability of environment.

Enhancing experiences and resources what we have got from nature has motivated us to start business. We want you to feel same wellbeing and joy what we get every day from nature. Important things for us are feeling of unity, helping and supporting each other, unhurried and tranquil life, as well as the appreciation of the nature’s diversity. We want to share experiences which can change your life!

Elina Miettunen

"In my opinion, life should be easy-going; so that we just are here and now and are able to meet one another genuinely. Fortunately, such is life here in Lapland. Hospitality is equal to being cozy together and being willing to take other people into consideration. Should we be but acquaintances when we first meet; we’ll surely part as friends."

Pauliina Myllylä

"In the arms of nature, a person can de-stress, calm down, and get in touch with one’s inner-self and resources. I have experienced that often in my life and hope to provide that experience to everyone. Finding harmony in the nature and among people is what I dream about and want to work towards."